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Crystal Grinding#

The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz (VK3YE)#


The great and wonderful wizard of OZ (radio guru and mega boffin from down-under) Peter Parker, has made an excellent video about grinding crystals. His videos and ideas are always worth watching.

Why Does He Do This Grinding Of Perfectly Good Crystals?#


There may be no proper answer to this question. However its perhaps best to watch the video in order to understand why Peter Parker does this type of thing. Also, he does not just grind them, he uses a pencil to scribble on them!


He is exemplary at taking discarded items and up-cycling them to make very useful things.

What Drives Peter Parker To Do These Things?#


Is he totally beyond? These and more questions are of great importance. It may be that he lives on a slightly different plane to the average kind of human.

He is a very interesting person and a highly original first-class eccentric, as are most people who get involved in radio circuitry.

Take A Look At His Latest Ham Radio Alternative Medicine Video.#

The new art of Ham Sat Chi#


While watching the video, try not to be too fixed upon Peter's eyes. Some viewers have succumbed to a type of trance-like state which may be some form of subliminal hypnotic.

This is subtle mix of humour and steely-eyed wisdom. While the obvious truth of those that don't live right next to the beach and that spend much of their time seated (HAM radio is great for this) is that such persons are in grave danger of health issues, there are other aspects of this video that are of subtle interest.

The deep underlying mythology of the chi obtained from the profound silence while listening to the OSCAR 91 satellite contains a very important message, which arguably is at the same level as the Life Of Bryan.

Here Is A Link To Classified Info On Oscar 91