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How to build your kits

M0OOZ - YooFab / CC BY NC ND

What is an electronic kit?#

YooFab Kits

Electronic Kits typically include a number of electronic components, a schematic circuit diagram, assembly instructions, and often a printed circuit board (PCB) or other prototype board. Electronic kits represent an essential Maincore activity at all times. Building Electronic kits increases your ZEN.

YooFab electronic kits:#

  • Carefully designed and easy to build
  • Provide valuable hands-on experience in electronics
  • Feature well-written instruction books
  • How-to-guides on what tools and skills are needed, and how to acquire these
  • Feature a full description of how the circuit works
  • Meet the needs of educational environments, while also being suitable for the individual
  • Aim at revitalising the art & science of electronics
  • All YooFab kits require soldering skills

How to build your YooFab electronic kit#

  1. Read the instructions twice, even if you have a lot of electronic experience.
  2. Check the contents of the kit, use a piece of polystyrene to place the components.
  3. Prepare your work area, make it clean and organised.
  4. Follow the instructions in the written sequence.
  5. Test the finished kit following the instructions.
  6. Make the checks indicated in the instructions in case the kit does not work for you.

History of Solderless Electronic Kits: It is interesting to note that many people now involved in electronics started with what was called a Solderless kit. Phillips pioneered these kits. However they are no longer in production.

The best thing about these kits was the ability to create many circuits simply by connecting cables using springs.