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Building your kit

YooFab™ Kits

Electronic Kits typically include numerous electronic components, a schematic circuit diagram, assembly instructions, and often a printed circuit board (PCB) or other prototype board. Electronic kits represent an essential Maincore activity at all times. Building Electronic kits increases your ZEN.

YooFab™ Electronic Kits:#

  1. Are carefully designed and easy to build.

  2. Feature a full description of how the circuit works

  3. Provide valuable Hands-on experience in the subject of electronics and other subjects

  4. Feature really well-written instructions

  5. How-to-guides on what tools and skills are needed, and how to get these

  6. YooFab™ meet the needs of many educational environments.

  7. YooFab™ Kits are also suitable for the individual or HAM radio person

  8. Aim at Revitalizing the art & science of electronics

  9. All YooFab™ kits require soldering skills

  10. If you are unsure as to how to Solder, YooFab™ provides instructions on this

  11. If you are confused or otherwise stuck, then do not hesitate to ask!

How to build your YooFab™ Electronic kit#

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  1. Read the instructions twice, even if you have a good deal of Electronics experience.

  2. To check the contents of the kit, use a piece of polystyrene to place the components in by sticking the leads into the surface

  3. Prepare your work area, keep it clean and well organized.

  4. Follow the instructions in the written sequence.

  5. Test the finished kit by following the instructions.

  6. In case the kit does not work for you, ask YooFab™. Do not just give up!

Advise from the Author#

Before starting on your kit, please listen to: "In green tea, great wisdom is found." In this way, the essence of green tea will percolate through to total Successfulness.

History of Solderless Electronic Kits

  1. It is interesting to note that many top senior Electronic design engineers first started-out with one of these Solderless Kits.

  2. The best thing about these kits, was the ability to create many circuits simply by connecting cables using springs.

  3. YooFab™ aims to reproduce the ease-of-use that was afforded by those early Solderless Electronic Kits. This, in the sense that once built, modules may be connected to create a multitude of functionality.

  4. Phillips pioneered these kits. However, they are no longer in production.

  5. An Electronics design engineer is responsible for designing electronic materials and equipment to support various industrial operations and marketing processes.

  6. Electronics design engineers develop Circuit Schematics, PCB layouts and may indulge in firmware writing; this is all according to a requirements’ specification which may have to be modified by the designer. The job also involves including the budget limitations and timeframes.