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One Barefoot step for Man; one Barefoot leap for Mankind

  1. Providing minimalistic and simple Barefoot Technology and Barefoot-Power

  2. Barefoot is invincible and provides Interplanetary Meduim (IPM) Diplomatic status, while keeping it simple, efficient and low power.

  3. Barefoot provides valuable Hands-on experience.

  4. Orgone energy, or Barefoot-Power, may actually power the whole Universe.

  5. Take a look at our friend's website, the creator, and champion of Advanced Barefoot Technology Methodology. Onno - PA2OHH


How to achieve the simplicity of a quality Barefoot Build; providing yourself instantly with those much-needed essential reassuring tranquil energy providing effects.

%%{init: { 'theme': 'dark' } }%% journey title Barefoot Building with YooFab™ section Prepare Barefoot Methodology Remove shoes & socks: 1: Me, Socks Make tea & start drinking it: 5: Me, The Cat Reread instructions: 3: Me, The Cat section Build Kit Carefully Build the Kit: 4: Me, The Cat Test it??: 3: Me, The Cat Success!: 5: Me, The Cat