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This is Geoffrey David Cowne - MØOOZ in Very Near Science Mode (VNSM), 2019, while waiting at an airport for a delayed plane.

  1. Geoffrey David Cowne - MØOOZ, is a founder of YooFab™
  2. YooFab is a registered non-profit society in the UK
  3. YooFab ™ is an enthusiastic about electronics, radio, sound, and design.
  4. The society aims to supply users with:
    1. Quality knowledge and expertise.
    2. Information about materials, components, tools, workshops, and CNC.
    3. A forum for electronics, radio, sound, and design enthusiasts.
    4. Great designs resulting from years of experience.
    5. YooFab also offers high-quality kits, which are sold through MACROVEND coming soon
    6. YooFab RFLEGO, a functional RF modular radio system.
    7. PCBs produced by the society, handcrafted and unique, together with a repository of instructions to build your YooFab™ kits.

Sharpen your skill set#

If you're looking to learn or sharpen and perfect your skills in electronics, 3D printing, radio, CNC and take part in the Maker-space revolution you've come to the right place.


  1. YooFab™ offers a multitude of free resources.
  2. From basic concepts to the most advanced ones.
  3. YooFab offers a professional approach to learning with a hands-on approach.
  4. Even if you're a complete beginner, this is the perfect starting point!
  5. YooFab™ is primarily aimed at the makerspace & FabLab market, which may range from a huge commercial space right down to a private one-person workbench.


  1. Useful online tools for your work.
  2. Always ready, easy to use and very visual.

Other topics#

  1. Read interesting articles.
  2. Please don't hesitate to send us comments, suggestions, and ideas.