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Discover real-world electronics with YooFab#

about us

Discover real-world electronics with YooFab, the leading non-profit platform devoted to practical electronics, QRP radio electronics, robotics, and CNC technologies, and more. .

At YooFab, we are passionate about empowering enthusiasts and professionals alike with the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to explore the fascinating world of electronics. Our DIY kits, workshops, and comprehensive resources are tailored to foster creativity and innovation,

Join us today and dive into our extensive range of QRP Ham Radio kits, robotics projects, and much more. 

Support our mission by shopping at the YooFab Store. Every purchase helps us bring more exciting projects and learning materials to our community.

This is Geoff, in 2019, while waiting at an airport for a delayed plane.

  1. Geoff is a founder of YooFab
  2. YooFab is a non-profit society and website platform that operates from the UK
  3. YooFab is an enthusiastic about electronics, radio, sound, and design.
  4. YooFab aims to supply users with:
    1. Quality knowledge and expertise.
    2. Information about materials, components, tools, workshops, and CNC.
    3. A forum for electronics, radio, sound, and design enthusiasts.
    4. Great designs resulting from years of experience.
    5. YooFab also offers high-quality kits, which are sold through the YooFab Shop @ MACROVEND
    6. The YooFab Kit system, an RF modular radio system that is great for personal use and educational use alike.
    7. Complete kits designed for ease of building with all components, high-quality PCB’s, a housing and full instructions.

Sharpen your skill set#

If you're looking to learn or sharpen and perfect your skills in Electronics, 3D printing, QRP Radio, CNC and take part in the Maker-space revolution, you've come to the right place.


  1. YooFab offers a multitude of free resources.
  2. From basic concepts to the most advanced ones.
  3. YooFab offers a professional approach to learning with a hands-on approach.
  4. Even if you're a complete beginner, this is the perfect starting point!
  5. YooFab is primarily aimed at the Makerspace & Fab Lab market, which may range from a huge commercial space right down to a private one-person workbench.


  1. Useful online tools for your work.
  2. Always ready, easy to use and very visual.

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