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DAVE of EVV blog

Dave Of EEV Blog Explains

Dave of the EEV blog is another electronics character who is always worth checking out. Apart from his famous tear-downs of everything electronic, he also does great explanations on a wide variety of electronic topics.

Here you can see Dave explaining how to make an electronics workshop or Lab

Most Of What Dave Says Is Ok But...

Most of what Dave says about the equipment needed is OK. However, the name brand stuff that he recommends... Hmm... but...1

  • Note: he talks about bucks, which is only relevant in ex colonial zones such as the US of A, Australia, New Zealand, Or possibly Canada, but does not include UK or the rest of the known world. Result: We have no idea what a buck is! It could be an Trailblazing dollar, or other???
  • It may not be available in your country
  • The Macrovend Shop will shortly carry multi-meters and other basic equipment
  • In the meantime, FleaBay has great FLUKE meter clones which are named VICI which are brilliant for the price.
  • His recommendation of RIGOL DS1052E Digital storage scope is good. This can be software upgraded to 100 MHz easily and there are a whole host of other modifications one can do to this scope.
  • His recommendation of buying a low cost OR even free 20 MHz analogue scope is also great.
  • Power supplies... Hmm if you are starting out forget building your first power supply. Instead look at the Macrovend shop

YooFab Power-Supply Recommendation#

The following Lab variable power supply is great to start with:

  1. Low Cost
  2. Voltage & Current Settings
  3. Input Voltage 6-40V
  4. Output Voltage 0-50V
  5. Output Current 0-5 Amps
  6. Output Power 0-250mA
  7. Current can be set so as to stop the supply output when the current drawn exceeds a defined value
  8. Powered by a battery or by a low cost wall wart power supply.

M0OOZ - YooFab / CC BY NC ND


  1. These are personal opinions of the Author. They may or may not be suitable for you! If you feel like tracking down antipodean test equipment kits, this will not damage your Karma.