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Dive Into YooFab™ Electronic Kits!#

Empower your hands-on learning with YooFab™ electronic kits! Crafted for the dedicated learner, the educator, and the maker space enthusiast, these kits are perfect for individuals too.

Discover the wonder of electronics as YooFab™ kits guide you through the art & science of the field. Delve deep into the foundational aspects, all while enjoying a tangible learning experience.

Each YooFab™ Electronic Kit provides: - A variety of electronic components. - A schematic circuit diagram. - Detailed assembly instructions. - A printed circuit board (PCB) for assembly.

Boost your ZEN by engaging in this quintessential Maincore activity.

Introducing the YooFab™ RFLEGO™ System#

Imagine combining the fun of Lego with the thrill of radio electronics. That's the RFLEGO™ system for you! Especially designed for STEAM and Fab Lab platforms, it's an incredible tool for group learning. From classrooms to clubs, RFLEGO™ brings the magic of radio to everyone, aged 7 to 170!

RFLEGO™ encapsulates the modular, connective nature of a system that's both educational and functional, exclusively from YooFab™.

Core Features#

  • Ease of Assembly: Simplified for everyone.
  • Trusted Components: We only source from reputable suppliers2.
  • In-depth Guides: From tools to skills, we guide you every step of the way.
  • Comprehensive Descriptions: Understand circuit functions and design processes.

Essential Specifications#

  • Unified Design: Components fit on a single-sided, drilled PCB. Designs emphasise ground plane utilization for optimal functionality.
  • Authentic Prototypes: All PCBs are handcrafted in the YooFab™ workshop.
  • Compatibility: Every YooFab™ module works seamlessly with others.
  • Skill Requirement: Soldering is essential for all kits.

A Glimpse into the Past: Solderless Electronic Kits#

Remember the time when electronic enthusiasts began their journey with Solderless Kits? The sheer joy of crafting numerous circuits using spring-connected cables was unparalleled. YooFab™ aims to recreate that simplicity. Once assembled, our modules can be interlinked to unlock endless functionalities.

While Phillips pioneered these kits, they're now a thing of the past. An electronic design engineer's role has evolved to cover design, schematics, PCB layouts, and even firmware writing, all within specified constraints of budget and time.

Radio Evolution: A Guiding Star#

Micromatic's Vintage Beauty

Sinclair Radionics Limited's Micromatic Radio, hailing from 1970s UK, is a guiding star behind YooFab's innovations. I built one of these in 1971, along with many other children who wanted to understand radio. This exploration interest has lasted my whole life, culminating in YooFab, which now produces radio kits.


  1. Traditional use of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) addressed education policies and curriculum for boosting science and technology development. Yet, YooFab aligns more closely with STREAM (Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics), emphasising the inclusion of robotics and arts. 

  2. Prioritising quality, we source primarily from Yankside or British vendors, avoiding the pitfalls of false component syndrome