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Here, soldering is discussed only in relation to electronics. Soldering is a much bigger subject than soldering within the scope of electronics. However, since the early days of soldering in electronics, the subject has expanded to include many techniques.

Minimal Electronics Toolkit#

This is a minimalist tool kit for electronics. However the YooFab Shop is going to offer quality tools and toolkit sets at very reasonable prices very soon.


Soldering single sided PCB#

Here is a diagram of how through hole soldering is done. Here the assumption is that the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is a single sided board. The components in such a board are usually on the top side of the board while the solder is underneath. This kind of board was very common up to about the 1980s, when multi-layer boards became common.

Soldered Component#

In the following diagram you can see that the component has now been soldered into position.

Humanoc / CC BY-SA


De-soldering is also important - especially during prototyping, or when fixing things. Mysid / Public domain

De-Soldering Tools And Materials#

  • Solder wick
  • Heat guns, also called hot air guns
  • De-soldering pump
  • Removal alloys
  • Removal fluxes
  • Heated soldering tweezers
  • Various picks and tweezers for tasks such as pulling at, holding, removing, and scraping components.
  • Vacuum and pressure pumps with specialized heater tips and nozzles
  • Rework stations, used to repair printed circuit board assemblies that fail factory test.