Unlock the Secrets of Morse with the YooFab™ Morse Tone Generator Kit!

The YooFab™ Morse tone generator kit is your gateway to a realm where learning meets precision:

  1. More Than Just a Kit: Dive into an immersive Morse experience. Your kit is a blend of intuitive learning and seasoned craftsmanship, making it the go-to choice for both novices and experts.
  2. Quality That Speaks: Bypass integrated circuits! The focus on premium BJT transistors ensures unbeatable durability and an authentic analogue learning experience.
  3. Unwavering Oscillation: Experience stability with our top-tier variable frequency phase shift oscillator.
  4. Adaptable Frequency Range: Navigate frequencies with ease—from 500 Hz soaring beyond 1 kHz.
  5. Master the Rhythms: With a user-friendly front panel potentiometer, defining the CW (Morse) frequency becomes second nature.
  6. Amplification at its Best: Our 3-transistor push-pull design promises minimal distortion and power that stands out. And with the bonus of a headphone jack, your Morse practice sessions just became less intrusive to others.
  7. Sound Design, redefined: The speaker, firmly clamped to the PCB's copper side, promises unparalleled sound clarity.
  8. Consistency is Key: The oscillator remains steady, while the Morse key, integrated via a power shaping circuit, delivers flawless signals.
  9. A Design That Reflects Elegance: We’ve streamlined component placement for functionality, keeping one side as the pristine front panel, that eliminates cable clutter.
  10. Power, Your Way: Choose between the robust 9-volt battery (PP3) or the environmentally friendly AA battery option, ensuring you are never out of power.
  11. Innovation in Connectivity: Our dual-function 3.5 mm mini jack controls both amplifier and power. Powering up is as simple as plugging in, no extra switch required. You can use this kit to connect to a radio using the PTT RCA connector. This means you can use the finished kit for an older radio that does not have a morse tone, or perhaps a home-made radio.

Elevate your Morse expertise with the YooFab™ Tone Generator Kit. Embrace a world where innovation meets simplicity.