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Radio Circuits

Introduction to Radio Circuit Blocks

Radio circuits may be built from blocks of thoroughly well-tried circuitry. This allows a modular approach to design, while also providing a degree of assurance that the implementation of the design will have its base set firmly upon ground that has a proven track record.

This block or modular approach, also permits the designer to abstract themselves away from the detail of any particular radio circuitry, while focusing upon an overview of the complete mechanism.

Often, both an overview and a sanity check on one or all of the blocks is useful. By this, I mean that it is wise to test out any functional block that is in any doubt while also designing at the top level. This might include well-tested circuitry that has not been used with one of the other blacks or other questions that may arise.


Like all circuitry or other complex systems, including software architecture, a block diagram is useful to comprehend and see an overview of how the whole thing works. Some people are known for saying that block diagrams are out of data, superannuated and generally out of fashion. These people must be dissuaded from their compulsions, as the block diagram and the flow diagram are still useful visual tools.

Block diagram#

Additionally, a block diagram shows overall 'black box' functionality, such that the box describes its function and shows inputs and outputs. This allows for a modular approach in design, development and subsequent modifications and improvements to men made.

RUST — Replaceable, Upgradable, Substitutable, Testable#

This means that modules: 1. May be replaced with another suitable block that performs the same function, without detriment to the functionality of the whole mechanism.

  1. We can upgrade a specific module instantly or many years down the line.

  2. Especially for testing purposes, we may substitute a module with a piece of equipment that performs the same function.

    The whole design may be tested on paper for operability, and functionality. Moreover, each module, when implemented, may be individually tested, by removing it from the system and performing detailed analysis on its performance.

Direct conversion receiver in blocks#

M0OOZ — YooFab / CC BY NC ND