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The YFTR radio kit is a great choice#

HF Radio Kit

The YFTR is where modern technology meets attractiveness. Experience durability, efficiency, and a crash course into radio mechanics. Perfect for the newbie and seasoned ham radio enthusiasts alike!

Key Features#

  1. Unmatched Quality: Step into the radio realm with the YFTR’s impeccable design and insightful educational value.
  2. A wealth of information: Explore the richness of detailed documentation, spanning fundamental ideas to hands-on assembly.
  3. Rooted in Analogue, Defined Radio: Built to educate and adapt, especially amidst continuing worldwide chip shortages.

Tailored For You#

YooFab kits cater to all, from budding enthusiasts to seasoned engineers. Transform your theoretical radio prowess into a practical masterpiece. Our kits shine with:

  1. Ethical Sourcing: Components procured locally across Europe and the USA.
  2. Novice-Friendly Architecture:
  3. Flawless assembly augmented by crystal-clear instructions.
  4. Deepen your radio knowledge, one component at a time.
  5. Reliable Direct Conversion Receivers: A testament to reliability through simplicity.
  6. DSB Reduced Carrier Transmitter Kits: Crafted meticulously for effortless assembly and exquisite understanding.
  7. Unwavering Support: YooFab stands beside you, enhancing your learning journey.

Diving into the YFTR receiver Kit#

From the cutting-edge Digital VFO to the Direct Conversion Receiver, the YFTR kit modules fit within compact metal casings. Connect modules with ease using SMA pigtails. Just hook it up to an antenna, and you're set to engage with SSB and DSB.

  1. Revolutionary PCB Layout: A gentle introduction to surface mount techniques.
  2. User-Friendly Design: Sleek, lightweight, and power-efficient.
  3. Optimal Signal Output: Compatibility across diverse communication scopes and SSB transceivers.

DSB and SSB: Clearing the Air#

The YFTR harmoniously integrates a Direct Conversion Receiver with a Double Sideband Transmitter. It's a myth that DSB-RC transmitters cannot communicate with DC receivers of a similar design. But the truth? Expertly designed Direct Conversion receivers can distinguish between AM and DSB-RC sidebands.

Direct Conversion Meets DSB and CW#

  1. Seamless USB or LSB operations.
  2. Universal compatibility with SSB and DSB-RC transceivers, and the receiver will easily pick up CW (Morse code)
  3. Most listeners can't even tell a DSB transmission apart from an SSB transmission.

Unveiling DSB Benefits#

  1. Unrivalled Simplicity: DSB, when paired with Direct Conversion Receivers, offers an unmatched clarity.
  2. Budget and Performance: Economically viable and highly functional.
  3. Bandwidth and Precision: DSB's broader bandwidth might seem a challenge. However, when coupled with the digital VFO, tuning the radio through the upper and lower sideband is easy. Despite a loss of 3dB, you will be stunned at what you can receive with a clarity unavailable in many higher cost offerings.

Exploring the DSB Transmitter#

DSB signal generation stands apart. Unlike audio mixers, the RF mixer here functions closer to a multiplier, generating sum and difference frequencies. Despite consuming more bandwidth than SSB, DSB outperforms amplitude modulation in efficiency.

Exploring the Direct Conversion Receiver#

Direct conversion receiver reception is basically the opposite of the transmitter above. You still use the same mixer multiplier. However, this time we start with an RF signal. This is mixed with a VFO signal and this produces the sum and difference. Of which, an audible component is amplified and listened to with headphones or a speaker.

  1. Streamlined Functionality: Antenna signals navigate to the mixer, producing sum and difference outcomes.
  2. Refined Frequency Filtration: Ingeniously crafted low-pass audio filters aid in sideband differentiation.
  3. Beyond Debate: This design rises above other offerings, providing a user-friendly introduction to HAM radio.

A direct conversion receiver may be represented as:

graph LR Antenna-->|all radio frequencies|BandPassFilter BandPassFilter-->|frequencies in band|RFMixer LocalOscillator-->|chosen frequency|RFMixer RFMixer-->|sum & difference|AudioAmplifier AudioAmplifier-->|only audio|Loudspeaker

Precision at its Finest#

The YFTR DSB-RC transmitter and DC receiver RIG boasts an optional precision GPS-calibrated digital si5351a oscillator. Rest assured with signal accuracy up to 2 parts per million.

Your Build, Your Choice#

Elegance in Design

YooFab’s vast build options, resources, parts, and imagery equip you for a memorable radio assembly journey. Dive deeper with:

Wrapping Up#

With a vision for the future and an emphasis on simplicity and robustness, YooFab’s YFTR kit represents what we believe to be your best choice. Whether you're just starting out or are a seasoned ham, this kit is a bridge to a rewarding journey in the world of radio.


  1. Direct Conversion Receiver
  2. Double Sideband Transmitter