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YDX Double Sideband Transceiver

HF Radio Kit

The above image is an hand drawn representation of the YooFab modular kit system

The YDX Radio Kits: Bridging Technology and Tradition#


Ever dreamt of a top-tier HF radio? YooFab's YDC direct conversion receiver is where modern technology meets attractiveness, offering durability, efficiency, and an immersive crash course into radio mechanics. Ideal for both newbies and seasoned ham radio enthusiasts, the YDC kit serves as a perfect entry-point into the intricate world of radio. This when combined with the YDT (transmitter), provides a transceiver which we call the YDX.

Key Features#

  1. Unmatched Quality: Experience the radio realm with the YDSX impeccable design and insightful educational value.
  2. A Treasure Trove of Information: Dive deep with impressive documentation, exploring foundational concepts to hands-on assembly1.
  3. Rooted in Analogue, Defined by Radio: Educate and adapt with a kit built to excel, especially amidst global chip shortages.

Tailored For You#

YooFab kits cater to all — from budding enthusiasts to seasoned engineers. They transform your theoretical knowledge into practical mastery, offering:

  1. Ethical Sourcing: Components are procured locally across Europe and the USA, ensuring quality and sustainability.
  2. Novice-Friendly Architecture: With crystal-clear instructions, deepen your radio knowledge one component at a time.
  3. Reliable Receivers and Transmitters: Embrace simplicity with our direct conversion receivers and DSB reduced carrier transmitter kits, supported unwaveringly by YooFab’s comprehensive guidance.

Diving into the YDC Receiver Kit#

The YDC kit, featuring cutting-edge Digital VFO and Direct Conversion Receiver, is designed for compactness and ease of use. BNC pigtails ensure effortless module connection, setting you up for an engaging experience with SSB and DSB modes.

  1. Revolutionary PCB Layout: Introduces surface mount techniques in a user-friendly manner.
  2. User-Friendly Design: Sleek, lightweight, and power-efficient, making it an ideal project for all skill levels.
  3. Optimal Signal Output: Ensures compatibility with a wide range of communication needs and SSB transceivers.

DSB vs. SSB: Clearing the Air#

The YDSX kit harmoniously integrates Direct Conversion Receivers with Double Sideband Transmitters, debunking myths about DSB-RC transmitters' inability to communicate with similar design DC receivers2.

Direct Conversion Meets DSB and CW#

  1. Facilitates seamless USB or LSB operations, offering universal compatibility with SSB, DSB-RC transceivers, and the ability to pick up CW (Morse code).
  2. Most listeners can't distinguish a DSB transmission from an SSB transmission, highlighting the quality of YooFab’s design.

Unveiling DSB Benefits#

DSB stands out for its simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and performance, especially when paired with YooFab's precision-engineered Digital VFO for clear and precise tuning.

The Direct Conversion Receiver#

The Direct Conversion Receiver design emphasizes streamlined functionality and refined frequency filtration, providing an accessible introduction to HAM radio for enthusiasts of all levels. You get a band pass filter (AKA pre-selector), a cascode RF preamplifier, an audio filter and audio amplifier, and finally an audio power amplifier.

The Double Sideband Reduced Carrier Transmitter#

This transmitter produces DSB. It comes with a compressor for microphone work. It also boasts a direct connection without the compressor, which allows you to connect to a computer or mobile phone. In so doing, you will be able to transmit JS8call, WSJTX, Morse and other modes. It is especially useful when transmitting QRP, as this will allow the sound of your voice to be heard as though you might be closer and have much more power. It also controls the modulation bandwidth.

Precision at its Finest#

The YDX kits have an optional precision GPS-calibrated digital si5351a oscillator, coupled with the real-time clock, ensures unparalleled signal accuracy, embodying YooFab’s commitment to excellence.

Your Build, Your Choice#

Elegance in Design

YooFab equips you with a wide array of build options, resources, and parts, enriching your radio assembly journey with depth and elegance. You could start out with a receiver and the digital oscillator, or buy the whole lot and enjoy the freedom to have QSOs around the world. For those who are starting out without a licence, we recommend the YDCR Receiver Kit and the digital oscillator.


With a forward-looking vision and a focus on simplicity and robustness, YooFab’s YDSX kit exemplifies the ideal pathway into the world of radio for hobbyists and experts alike. It represents not just a kit, but a bridge to a rewarding journey in the expansive universe of radio.


  1. YooFab's documentation spans the gamut from theoretical underpinnings to practical assembly steps, catering to a wide range of learning objectives and skill levels. 

  2. Contrary to popular belief, expertly designed Direct Conversion receivers are fully capable of distinguishing between AM and DSB-RC sidebands, offering a versatile and enriching radio experience.